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Connecticut River at Barton Cove, Gill at State Boat Ramp

Off Rte 2, 1.5 miles east of bridge to Turners Falls.
Gill, MA
Longitude/Latitude: -72.541766 / 42.607587

This is a MA DCR public access boat ramp located 1.5 miles east of Turner’s Falls on Rte 2.

Paved parking and ramp. Recreational motorboats, canoes, fishing boats.

Is It Clean?

The CT River at Barton Cove is sampled Thursdays between June and October by volunteers coordinated by the Connecticut River Conservancy.

Sample DateStatusCFU/100mlWet
2017-10-05Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming17.3N
2017-09-28Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming33.6N
2017-09-21Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming20.9N
2017-09-14Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming17.5N
2017-09-07Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming193.5Y

How Do I Get There?

Go on Route 2, 1.5 miles east of the bridge to Turners Falls.  Barton Cove facility is on the right as you head east, near the emu farm.

This Site Is Monitored By:

Connecticut River Conservancy
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Bacteria levels can increase due to rainfall and runoff, which can be reflected in river flow levels. This graph shows river flow levels for the past 21 days at the nearest U.S. Geological Survey stream gage. The gage is located on the Connecticut River at Montague City just downstream of the bike path bridge and confluence with the Deerfield River, approximately 4.3 miles downstream of this monitoring site.

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