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Connecticut River at Pynchon Point Park

River Road
Agawam, MA
Longitude/Latitude: -72.585449 / 42.083300

Pynchon Point Park is located at the mouth of the Westfield River where it joins the Connecticut River. Down a short path from the parking lot, is an unimproved ramp for car-top boats only.

Is It Clean?

Pynchon Point is sampled Thursdays from June to September by volunteers coordinated by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

Sample DateStatusCFU/100mlWet
2018-09-05Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming37.3N
2018-08-29Yellow Clean for Boating248.1N
2018-08-22Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming22.5Y
2018-08-15Red Not Clean for Boating or Swimming1203.3Y
2018-08-10Yellow Clean for Boating547.5Y

How Do I Get There?

River Road is located just off the South End Bridge traffic circle in Agawam.

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