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Connecticut River at Northampton DCR/UMASS Boat Dock

Off Damon Road
Northampton, MA
Longitude/Latitude: -72.620142 / 42.335269

DCR state access area that is called Elwell Recreation Area, Northampton: Damon Road at Route 9 and I-91. Canoe and rowing access only.

Paved access ramp to a wheelchair accessible dock on the river.  UMASS also uses this dock for rowing practice.  They have nearby quonset huts.

Is It Clean?

The CT River in Northampton is sampled Thursdays between June and October by volunteers coordinated by the Connecticut River Watershed Council. Samples taken from middle of dock in flowing water.

Sample DateStatusCFU/100mlWet
2018-09-27Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming214.2Y
2018-09-20Yellow Clean for Boating344.8Y
2018-09-13Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming201.4Y
2018-09-06Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming23.10N
2018-08-30Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming53.7N

How Do I Get There?

Off Damon Road near intersection of Route 9 and I-91. Turn onto Damon Road, and take a right into the bike trail parking area.  Take an immediate right into a parking lot, and you can drive down to a lower level after going by the rowing quonset hut.  Walk down path to dock.

This Site Is Monitored By:

Connecticut River Conservancy
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Bacteria levels can increase due to rainfall and runoff, which can be reflected in river flow levels. This graph shows river flow levels for the past 21 days at the nearest U.S. Geological Survey stream gage. The gage is located on the Connecticut River in Holyoke near the I-391 bridge approximately 14.3 miles downstream of this monitoring site.

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