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Connecticut River at Pioneer Valley Yacht Club

200 Anthony Way
Longmeadow, MA
Longitude/Latitude: -72.593290 / 42.063513

This is a member only yacht club with an improved ramp for car-top and small motorboats. Visit for membership information.

Is It Clean?

The Pioneer Valley Yacht Club is sampled Thursdays from June to September by volunteers coordinated by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

Sample DateStatusCFU/100mlWet
2016-09-28Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming170Y
2016-09-21Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming80Y
2016-09-14Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming26N
2016-09-07Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming24N
2016-08-31Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming28N

How Do I Get There?

The Pioneer Valley Yacht Club is a members only facility.

This Site Is Monitored By:

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
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This Site Is Sponsored By:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Targeted Watershed Initiative Grant

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