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Green River, below Timber Crib Dam

Guilford, VT
Longitude/Latitude: -72.66731 / 42.77555

Swimming area below scenic timber crib dam and under covered bridge in Green River village center

Is It Clean?

Sampled alternate Wednesdays by Deerfield River Watershed Association

Sample DateStatusCFU/100mlWet
2018-09-05Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming60.9N
2018-08-22Red Not Clean for Boating or Swimming> 2419.6Y
2018-08-08Yellow Clean for Boating238.2Y
2018-07-25Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming140.1Y
2018-07-11Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming228.2Y

How Do I Get There?

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Deerfield River Watershed Association
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Green River Watershed Alliance
Bacteria levels can increase due to rainfall and runoff, which can be reflected in river flow levels. This graph shows river flow levels for the past 28 days at the nearest U.S. Geological Survey stream gauge. The gauge is located on the Green River near Colrain, MA.