Lake Warner Boat Ramp

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Mt. Warner Road

Hadley , MA
Longitude/Latitude: -72.581105 / 42.385791

IMPORTANT: Lake Warner on the Mill River in Hadley, MA, is currently experiencing a cyanobacteria bloom and will not be tested during this event as it is unsafe. If you encounter cyanobacteria in Lake Warner or any other body of water, do not swim, keep animals away, do not swallow water, and rinse off after any contact with the water.

The Lake Warner Public Boat Ramp

Is It Clean?

How Do I Get There?

Intersection of Mt. Warner Rd. and Route 47 in North Hadley

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Friends of Lake Warner and the Mill River

Bi-Weekly E. coli bacteria samples. Dissolved oxygen, transperancy, temperature, and total phosphorus are also part of our seasonal monitoring plan. We also are primary coordinators of removal of the invasive aquatic  water chestnut in the lake.

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Bacteria Levels can increase due to rainfall and runoff, which can be reflected in river flow levels for the past 21 days at the nearest U.S. Geological Survey stream gauge. The gauge is located on the Mill River in Northampton at the Clement Street Bridge approximately 8.4 miles from the site. The watershed size of the flow gauge is larger than the Mill River in Hadley, and the rainfall and flow conditions shown may differ from conditions in the Mill River watershed in Hadley. The flow information is therefore for general reference and should be used to generally assess how current conditions relate to the average flow at that site.